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Tech Accessories Holiday Gift Guide [2023 Edition]

Though it’s not December yet, now is the best time to start your holiday shopping. Grab gifts that your loved ones will actually use this year with this list of top tech accessories.

Ranging from retro-inspired headphones to Bluetooth adapters for travel, you’ll find something for the tech enthusiast in your life.

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  • Defunc MONDO On-Ear Bluetooth Headphones

    So many devices follow the exact same design language nowadays. Headphones are often limited to boring black or white options. If you have an audiophile in your life that has a sharp sense of style, look no further than this pair of transparent Bluetooth headphones.

    The distinct transparent design of the MONDO On-Ear Bluetooth Headphones harkens back to the retro gaming devices, adding a nostalgic feeling to their design. They’re surprisingly comfortable, weighing in at just 73 grams. And with up to 22 hours of play time, even marathon sessions of holiday playlists won’t be a problem. They deliver clear highs and a pleasant bass that isn’t overwhelming, making them a good choice for both music and podcasts. Overall, they’re a solid pair of Bluetooth headphones that separate themselves from the standard audio fare thanks to a killer aesthetic and a great user experience -- perfect for the music lover on your gifting list.

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  • LOGiiX Piston Connect Crystal Transparent USB Type-C Cable

    If you have someone in your life that grew up with transparent devices like the classic N64, they’ll love this USB-C cable from LOGiiX. It's a clever blend of '90s aesthetics and cutting edge technology.

    The Piston Connect Crystal USB Transparent Type-C Cable delivers blistering charging speeds of up to 100W, three times faster than standard cables. But that’s only part of what makes it so special. It also has a built-in smart display, showing exactly how fast devices are charging in real-time. And with nylon braiding and special reinforced connectors designed to withstand the stress of everyday use, it’s a cable that’ll last as long as many smartphones. It’s an ideal gift for anyone with the new iPhone 15 -- or that's nostalgic for the golden days of tech design.

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  • LOGiiX Piston Power 27,000 Pro Battery Pack

    Do you have a multi-device power-user on your gift list? Someone that’s always borrowing your laptop charger? Maybe a teenager who’s always running out of power at the worst time?

    Thanks to LOGiiX, battery anxiety can be a thing of the past. The Piston Power Pro Battery Pack has an incredible 27,000mAh capacity, allowing devices to replenish their battery several times on a single charge. With 140W dual fast-charging USB-C ports and a single USB-A port, it can charge a laptop, tablet and a smartphone simultaneously. A feature that’s often not seen on portable chargers is an external smart display. The Pro Battery Pack has a digital display that shows the charging status of your devices and the battery pack’s remaining charge. Send your loved ones positive energy this holiday season with the Piston Power Pro Battery Pack — and keep their devices charged in the process.

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  • LOGiiX Wireless Travel Pad Duo Wireless Charger

    As seasoned travellers know, managing cables in backpacks and suitcases can be a nightmare. And finding multiple working outlets on the road can be just as challenging. What if you could gift the globetrotter in your life a simple solution to both of these problems?

    The Wireless Travel Pad Duo Wireless Charger delivers on its name. With a foldable design that can easily slide into a pocket, it’s a compact fast-charging wireless pad that just works. The Apple official MagSafe charging pad allows MagSafe compatible iPhones or Qi enabled devices like AirPods to charge at up to 15W by simply being placed on top of the pad. This charging pad also features an official built-in Apple Watch charger, capable of fast-charging an Apple Watch flat or in nightstand mode. If you have an Apple enthusiast in your life, it’s a stylish and practical gift that will travel with them everywhere.

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  • Native Union Belt Duo USB-C to USB-C/Lightning 1.5m Cable

    If you have an Apple user in your life, they’re going to be going through a bit of a transition period. The newest iPhones may have switched from using its decade old Lightning connector to the industry standard USB-C connector, but older iPhones, iPads & AirPods still charge via the Lightning port.

    The Native Union Belt Duo USB-C to USB-C/Lightning Cable has a 2-in-1 design that houses both Lightning & USB-C connectors in a single head. And with its 1.5 meter length, high-speed charging, and an included cable management strap, it’s likely the only cable they’ll need. Built with an ultra-strong aramid core and reinforced braiding, this cable isn’t going to be fraying after a few uses. And if that weren’t enough, the cable uses a proprietary Slide Lock design that allows users to safely and easily switch between the two connectors. Give your loved ones a recharge this holiday with the ultimate 2-in-1 cable.

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  • Paperlike 2.1 Screen Protector for iPad

    iPads are the tablet of choice for many professional and aspiring artists, but the smooth glass screen doesn’t provide the best drawing experience when using a smart stylus or Apple Pencil. With this simple gift, you can bring the joy back to drawing for the digital artist in your life.

    The Paperlike 2.1 makes drawing on the iPad more tactile, adding a textured feel to screen without sacrificing accuracy. Made with Swiss materials and the latest Nanodots® technology, this screen protector gives the sensation of paper to your device. Even if the iPad user on your list isn’t an artist, writing and note-taking feel much better with a bit of added texture. And the 2.1 design adds increased clarity while also reducing screen glare. Precision cut to perfectly fit a range of iPads, it’s easy to install, and protects your device from scratches. Whether they’re a budding artist, a diligent student, or just an avid iPad user, the Paperlike 2.1 is an easy recommendation this season.

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  • Peak Design Mobile Tripod

    With the quality of smartphone cameras improving every year, professional photographers and enthusiasts alike are relying on them to capture incredible images on-the-go. But the options for phone tripods usually come down to flimsy plastic stands, full-sized tripods, or sometimes just a stack of books. Thankfully, we have a better solution for the mobile photographer or vlogger in your life.

    The Peak Design Mobile Tripod is designed by an award-winning team of engineers with the purpose of simplifying smartphone photography. This mobile tripod attaches to phones with a built-in magnetic attachment that’s secure and ready-to-use in an instant. It can be set up as a three-legged tripod, kickstand, or grip depending on the scenario. And with the micro ball head, it’s easy to adjust the angle of the camera without setting up the tripod all over again. Built from anodized aluminum, stainless steel, neodymium mounting magnets, and anti-slip materials, it can handle those icy winter days. The mount is designed to attach to any smartphone in either portrait or landscape mode, so whether the person you’re buying for is an Android or Apple user, compatibility won’t be an issue. Whether they’re a photography enthusiast or a content creator, they’ll love the Peak Design Mobile Tripod.

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  • Twelve South AirFly Pro Bluetooth Transmitter

    As the frequent flyer in your life can attest, there are a few things that are just a pain when travelling. For some reason, it’s still not possible to connect Bluetooth headphones to the in-flight entertainment on planes.

    That’s where the AirFly Pro comes in. This handy Bluetooth transmitter plugs directly into 3.5mm audio jacks and sends the audio directly to your devices. Whether on a plane or a treadmill at the gym, the AirFly Pro provides more than 25 hours of listening. With simultaneous listening for two sets of wireless headphones, the device can be shared by your favourite traveller and their seat buddy, without sacrificing their headset’s noise-cancellation. And with the included travel pouch, it’s easy to toss the device in a bag along with its USB-C to USB-A charging cable without taking up much room. It’s a nifty gift for anyone travelling over the coming year — especially for any long-haul flights.

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