Xbox Series S bundle $80 off at Canadian retailers for Black Friday 2023

The bundle includes three months of Game Pass Ultimate

If you haven’t yet gotten a current-gen gaming console, now might be the time.

Microsoft is currently offering an Xbox Series S ‘Starter Bundle’ for $299, down from its usual $380 price tag. The bundle includes the 512GB disc-less console and three months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (a $57 value). With Game Pass Ultimate, you can download or stream hundreds of games, including marquee exclusives like Starfield and Forza Motorsport

Interestingly, a 512GB Series S on its own is currently on sale for $319.99 ($60 off), so the Starter Bundle is cheaper while also including three months of Game Pass.

You can buy the Series S Starter Bundle at the following Canadian retailers:

The Series S is by far the most affordable way to get into the current gaming generation, since the Series S’ sister console, the Xbox Series X, is normally priced at $649 ($599 currently for Black Friday), and Sony’s rival PS5 costs $519 (Digital Edition) or $650 (standard model). Even the nearly seven-year-old Nintendo Switch, which is expected to be succeeded next year with new hardware, is $399.

Of course, with the lower price comes reduced specs. While the Series S does sport the same speedy SSD as the Series X, the trade-off is up to 1440p resolution compared to the 4K-capable premium console. As mentioned, the Series S also doesn’t have a disc drive so you’ll only be able to play digital media.

Otherwise, the Series S is a great value for the average consumer, especially with the Game Pass catalogue.

In September, Microsoft launched a $449 1TB black Series S, so naturally, that new model isn’t on sale for Black Friday. That said, we did speak to one of the designers about it, and he unpacked the surprising amount of work that goes into designing new console colours.

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