Analogue is back at it again with new colourful Pocket: Classic designs

The retro console maker definitely knows its audience

Analogue Pocket: Classic

Update 17/11/2023: The Analogue Pocket: Classic is now available to order. Move fast! As a side note, shipping to Canada seems to now by $39.99 (maybe my constant complaining did something 👀).

I’m a sucker for nostalgia, especially when it involves portable gaming consoles that play retro cartridges

First, there was the glow-in-the-dark Analogue Pocket, then the even cooler transparent Pocket, and now, there’s the awesome-looking Analogue Pocket: Classic, offering Game Boy-inspired colours, including ‘Blue,’ ‘Green,’ ‘Indigo,’ ‘Spice,’ ‘Orange,’ ‘Pink,’ ‘Red,’ ‘Silver’ and ‘Yellow.’

The “limited edition” version of the handheld goes on sale on Friday, November 17th at 11am ET/8am PT (like with other limited edition releases, Analogue says these won’t be restocked). What’s interesting is the colours seem to be pulled from different eras of the Game Boy line’s history. For example, the deep yellow colours definitely come from the old-school Game Boy, while the red version feels more like it comes from the Game Boy Pocket era.

Like the transparent Analogue Pocket, these Classic models cost $249.99 (about $340 CAD), making them slightly more expensive than the $219 USD (roughly $249 CAD) the portable typically costs.

The Classic Yellow colour is really going to make me shell out the ridiculous amount of cash for this thing.

The Analogue Pocket, which is capable of playing Game Boy, Game Boy Colour and Game Boy Advance cartridges right out of the box, features a 3.5-inch LCD screen with a 1600 x 1440 pixel resolution (615ppi), adding a much-needed dose of modern technology to classic game Boy titles. If you’re into retro handheld gaming, the device is difficult to beat and is widely regarded as one of the best around.

It’s important to note that if you’re located in Canada and considering ordering the Analogue Pocket, keep in mind that the company’s shipping costs are ridiculous. When I attempted to buy a transparent Pocket and a screen protector, shipping costs hit $199.99, which is wild (I cancelled the order). Will I swallow the one item $59.99 shipping price this time around? I’m not totally certain, but I have a feeling that Yellow Analogue Pocket: Classic will push me over the edge.

In other Analogue-related news, the retro-revival company is also working on a console called the Analogue 3D that will play N64 cartridges and output games at 4K.

Image credit: Analogue

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