X rewrites rules on public interest posts

The new rules apply to 'high profile accounts'

The platform formerly known as Twitter has changed its policy to redefine public interest posts, allowing content that typically would be seen as a violation of the company’s rules to remain online.

As TechCrunch reports, accounts previously needed 100,000 followers for posts to be considered for an exemption. The old policy also required such posts to come from verified accounts, which would’ve been a huge problem given anyone can pay to verify an account.

But now, these requirements are no longer listed on X’s website.

In order for such posts to now be available, they need to come from “a high profile account.” This would apply if the account represents a current or potential government member, X wrote on its website.

The platform’s safety page says the changes come in light of the Israel-Hamas conflict.

“We know that it’s sometimes incredibly difficult to see certain content, especially in moments like the one unfolding. In these situations, X believes that, while difficult, it’s in the public’s interest to understand what’s happening in real time,” X said in an October 9th post.

Users shared more than 50 million posts about the conflict on X over the weekend.

X is also relying on Community Notes to handle misinformation during the crisis. The feature allows select users to add information to posts that might be misleading or lacking important information.

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Source: X Help Center Via: TechCrunch

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