Save big with Bluetti’s Autumn Prime Day sale

Canadians can save up to $2,300 on select Bluetti power stations during its Prime Day promo.

Summer may be coming to a close, but as the cold weather rolls in, the red carpet is being rolled out for the Bluetti Autumn Prime Day sale. During October, Canadians can save upwards of $2,300 on a new portable power station.

Bluetti’s Autumn Prime Day sale begins on October 5th and runs until October 20th. During this time, the company is offering a selection of its sustainable and reliable power stations. These units are a great option for every lifestyle, offering backup power in the case of emergencies, but also providing power for your devices during those beautiful outdoor escapes.

Check out a few of our portable power station picks from Bluetti’s Autumn Prime Day sale.

Modular power stations

Bluetti is offering a couple of modular power stations in its sale. The AC300 + B300 offers a significant 3,072Wh to charge devices or power appliances. However, when paired with up to four B300 batteries, the capacity range extends to a whopping 12,88Wh. Owners also gain access to various USB ports, DC outlets and a wireless charging pad. This is an optimal choice to securely charge your laptop, or even keep your refrigerator powered during an outage.

The AC500 + BC300S is another option for those looking for a modular system. This unit offers even more capacity when paired with four B300S batteries, supporting up to 18,432Wh. This power station also offers up to six ways to recharge the unit. For those looking for a green option, AC500 provides support for solar energy, recharging the battery during the day. It’s one of the most customizable and powerful power stations on the market.

AC300+B300 are now available for $3,299 (save $1299). Only available on Oct 10th – 11th.
AC500+B300S is on sale for $4,999 (save $700).

Portable power stations

Bluetti AB3A portable power station

For those spending time outside of the city, having a portable battery is essential. The AC60 is a compact, yet durable unit that can provide ample power to your devices. It offers a 403Wh battery that can charge a 15Wh camera 21 times on a single charge. With the addition of a B80 battery pack, upwards of 2,015Wh can be gained. This unit also has an IP65 rating for protection against dust and water.

The Bluetti EB3A is another portable option with a 420Wh capacity. It has nine total outputs, allowing multiple devices to charge at one time. The EB3A also features a 600W AC pure sine wave inverter, and offers plenty of options for recharging the unit, including an AC, generator, as well as solar. It’s compatible with the PV120 and PV200 solar panels for continuous power during the day.

AC60 can be purchased for $629 (save $270). Only available on Oct 10-11th.
EB3A is available for $279 (save $120).

Versatile power stations

Bluetti AC200MAX portable power station

If versatility and having an all-in-one power solution are on your priority list, look no further. The AC200MAX is a well-rounded package, offering 2,200W of power output from the 2,048WH LiFePO battery. Whether you’re aiming to power home appliances during an outage or take it with you to the cottage, this unit can do it all. Users can also monitor the battery using the Bluetti app, offering peace of mind.

Alternatively, Bluetti is offering the AC180 at a discount during the Autumn Prime Day sale. The AC180 supports 1,800W AC output and a 2,700 Power Lifting mode, ensuring home appliances receive power when needed. With nine outlet ports, users can supply power to multiple devices at once. Plus, the battery station is quiet, clean, and cost-effective, adding value to those living off the grid.

From October 10 to October 11, AC200MAX is available for $1,799 (save $800).
Between October 10 to October 20, AC180 can be purchased for $1,049 (save $450).

For more information, check out the official Bluetti website.

Image credit: Bluetti

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