Toronto-based Snowman reveals Laya’s Horizon, its upcoming wingsuit game

The next game from the studio behind Alto's Adventure and Odyssey arrives May 2nd

Laya's Horizon

After teasing the game a few weeks ago, Toronto-based Snowman — the studio behind Alto’s Adventure and Odyssey — has revealed its next title, Laya’s Horizon.

Unlike the studio’s previous games, Laya’s Horizon will simultaneously hit iOS and Android devices through Netfix’s gaming platform. This means the game is free if you’re a Netflix subscriber.

I’ve spent a brief amount of time playing Laya’s Horizon, and it’s already clear the wingsuit-focused title is Snowman’s most ambitious yet.

The game features a stripped-down, simplistic art style, and tasks players with flying through several different biomes while accomplishing a list of goals while collecting yellow gems. There’s a visceral sense of speed to the mobile game brought out by its unique touch controls.

If Laya’s Horizon sounds somewhat similar to Alto’s Adventure/Odyssey, you’re on the right track — the 2D endless runner’s DNA seems to be present in Laya’s Horizon in some ways.

Laya’s Horizon joins other notable titles on Netflix, including Into the Breach, Spiritfarer, Oxenfree and more. Snowman’s last title was Lucky Luna, a pixelated side-scroller also released through Netflix’s gaming platform.

I’ll share a more in-depth look at the game closer to its release on May 2nd.

Image credit: Snowman

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