Marvel Move aims to use superheroes to help you get fit

The app-based platform is launching this summer

Marvel Move

Marvel has partnered with Zombies, Run! creator Six to Start on a new fitness app called Marvel Move.

Set to release in summer 2023 as part of the forthcoming ZRX app, Marvel Move aims to motivate users to get active by incorporating Marvel storytelling. With these audio narratives, users will be guided through various fitness activities featuring Marvel heroes. At launch, the following five stories will be offered:

  • “Daredevil: Terminal Degree,” written by Bilal Dardai
  • “Doctor Strange and Scarlet Witch: In Dreams” written by Kim Richards
  • “The Hulk: Hulkville,” written by Matt Wieteska
  • “Thor & Loki: Asgard 5K Training,” written by Alex Acks
  • “X-Men: Age of Orchis,” written by Tini Howard


Marvel Move

A two-year subscription for Marvel Move will normally cost $99.99 USD (about $134 CAD), although it’s available for $74.99 USD (about CAD 100) until August 8th.

It’s worth noting that Zombies, Run! will also be included in the ZRX app.

Source: Marvel

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