New on Disney+ Canada: April 2023

Disney's latest live-action remake of an animated movie, Peter Pan & Wendy, was filmed in B.C. and NL

Peter Pan & Wendy

Disney has revealed the full list of movies and shows that are coming to its Disney+ streaming service in Canada in April.

While it’s a light month overall, the main highlight is David Lowery’s Peter Pan & Wendy, which was filmed in Vancouver and Newfoundland and Labrador’s Bonavista Peninsula and co-stars Cree Canadian-Indigenous actress Alyssa Wapanatâhk as Tiger Lilly.

See below for the full April breakdown:

April 3rd

  • American Dad (Season 19) [Star]

April 5th

  • Area21 — Live on Planet Earth (Special) [Star]
  • The Crossover
  • The Good Mothers [Star]
  • The Pope Answers [Star]
  • Predator: Bloodlines (Season 1)
  • Susah Sinyal (Bad Signal) The Series (Season 1) [Star]

April 7th

  • Tiny Beautiful Things [Star]

April 12th

  • Atomu No Ko (Season 1) [Star]
  • Cesar Milan: Better Human Better Dog
  • The First Responders (Season 1) [Star]
  • Justified (Seasons 1-6) [Star]
  • Little Mosque on the Prairie (Seasons 1-6) [Star]
  • Pandora: Beneath the Paradise (Season 1)
  • Rennervations
  • Tá Tudo Certo

April 14th

  • Oswald the Lucky Rabbit (short)
  • Ozur Dilerim [Star]

April 19th

  • Alone (Season 6) [Star]
  • Doctor Lawyer (Season 1) [Star]
  • The Owl House (Season 3, all episodes)
  • My Family: S1 (New Episode)
  • Mascara Contra Caballero (Season 1) [Star]
  • Mr. Mercedes (Seasons 1-3) [Star]
  • Yang Hilang Dalam Cinta/What We Lose to Love (Season 1) [Star]

April 20th

  • Quasi [Star]

April 26th

  • Matildas: The World at Our Feet
  • Saint X [Star]
  • Sam: Ein Sachse/Sam: A Saxon (Season 1) [Star]
  • The 1619 Project [Star]
  • Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures (Season 1, shorts)

April 22nd

  • Dian Fossey: Secrets in the Mist (Season 1)
  • Wild Australia (Season 1)

April 28th

  • Peter Pan & Wendy

April 30th

  • Clock [Star]

In Canada, a Disney+ subscription costs $11.99/month or $119.99/year.

The full list of movies and shows hitting Disney+ Canada in March can be found here.

Image credit: Disney

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