Discord chat is officially coming to PlayStation 5, beta members get first access

The full release is launching later this year

Discord integration is coming to Sony’s PlayStation 5.

Beta participants are the first to gain access to Discord, the popular cross-platform voice chat platform. With Discord now available on PlayStation 5, beta members can chat with friends across PC, mobile and even Xbox.

In a blog post, Discord announced its partnership with PlayStation is expanding. Last year, Discord and PlayStation announced connective support, linking PSN with Discord, and enabling players to show the games they are playing on the communication platform. Now, this partnership has expanded to allow PlayStation 5 players to access Discord’s chat functionality.

Those selected to participate in the Discord beta test will receive an email containing a code. This code grants access to the beta software, and once it’s redeemed, players will be able to update their PlayStation 5 console to the beta software.

Afterwards, they can navigate to the ‘Settings’ option and into the ‘User and Accounts’ and ‘Linked Services.’ Here, a new Discord option allows you to link your PSN account with Discord. Once the tab is selected, players can scan a QR code with their phone to take them to a Discord webpage and enter an eight-digit code.

At the outset, Discord’s integration on PlayStation seems very similar to the experience on Xbox consoles when it first arrived. Players can use the mobile app to select ‘Join on PlayStation’ and transfer the voice connection from their phone to their headset or even the DualSense microphone. As of now, Discord’s presence on PlayStation isn’t native. Therefore, players won’t be able to launch into a voice chat without using a phone or PC.

The company notes that access for all PlayStation 5 owners is “coming soon.”

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Source: Discord

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