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CBSA says review coming after admitting wrong company listed on ArriveCan contract

ThinkOn's CEO said the company never worked on the project

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) is launching a review to examine the companies that received funding to develop the $54 million ArriveCan app after stating it failed to provide Parliament with accurate details.

As reported by The Globe and Mail, the CBSA listed ThinkOn as one of the 23 companies that worked on the app. However, the company’s CEO said that it wasn’t involved with the app’s development.

In a statement to The Globe, the CBSA said ThinkOn was included in “human error.” The company’s supposed contract was for $1.2 million, representing the sixth-largest payout on the list, and work took place between January 21st and March 31st, 2020. The work was listed as focusing on QR code scanning.

“Given the error, we are doing a full review of the list reported and will be in a position to share with your readers the company name in the coming days,” the CBSA told The Globe.

It’s not clear which company the CBSA originally meant to name.

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Source: The Globe and Mail 

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