Pinch to zoom finally arrives on YouTube for mobile

The new features are expected to roll out to all users 'over the next few weeks'

Originally, YouTube had only one zoom option, which would essentially ‘zoom to fill’ the video. Now, YouTube is adding ‘Pinch to zoom’ and ‘precise seeking’ to the platform starting today.

The feature, which is landing on the YouTube iOS and Android applications, will allow users to zoom in by 5.4x. YouTube didn’t explicitly say 5.4x, but the video on its blog post, the one below, displays only a 5.4x zoom.


Once zoomed in, the video will remain in this view to give you greater detail.

The feature was first tested as an experimental feature back in August and is now rolling out to all users.

Precise Seeking, on the other hand, will be available on desktop and mobiles and allow users to see thumbnails of the video content while they’re scrolling across. This will make it easier for users to find the exact moment in a video that they’re looking for. “Whether you’re on desktop or your mobile device, simply drag or swipe up while seeking to display a row of thumbnails in the video player and you’ll be able to make fine-tuned adjustments to get to the exact part in each video,” wrote YouTube.

YouTube says it has begun rolling out the updates to all users, though the complete rollout would conclude “over the next few weeks.”

Source: YouTube