PIAC calls for the CRTC to release more details on Rogers’ response to July outage

Rogers' CRTC submission was heavily redacted when made available to the public

The Public Interest Advocacy Centre (PIAC) wants the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) to release more information on Rogers’ response to the July 8th outage.

The “response has excessively redacted critical information that the public requires to understand what occurred during the outage and how Rogers plans to mitigate future risks and harms,” PIAC’s request reads, as reported by Cartt.ca.

Some of the redacted information included the total number of impacted customers, the provinces they resided in, and the number of 911 calls that couldn’t be completed.

PIAC wants the commission to publicly share details on the full outage and recovery timeline Rogers submitted.

“It will be the backbone of any evaluation of the efforts made by Rogers and the sequence of steps taken,” PIAC says of the timeline.

“This will reveal the choices Rogers made and may support conclusions regarding what Rogers chose to prioritize and why and whether those choices appropriately protected customers rather than, say, coveted enterprise customers.”

The Ottawa-based consumer advocacy group also wants details on customer communications and how the outage affected emergency services to be made public.

“The public interest in disclosing the full extent of the impact on and Rogers’ actions to restore access to emergency services far outweighs any specific direct harm that would flow to Rogers,” the PIAC says in its request to the CRTC.

The publicly available information in Rogers’ response detailed what caused the outage and its plans to separate its wireless and wireline core networks.

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Via: Cartt.ca 

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