Here are some of the many services impacted by the Rogers outage

You don't have to be a Rogers customer to be impacted by the outage

Rogers customers have no access to internet or mobile services due to a massive outage impacting people across the country. But the outage isn’t specific to Rogers customers alone. Many other systems that use Rogers’ business and network services, like banks, are also out of order. Here’s a rundown of everything you can’t access right now due to the Rogers outage.


The outage has caused Interac’s services to go offline. This means debit and e-transfer services aren’t available, both online and at checkout, for organizations using Rogers’ network.

Flanker brands

The outage has also caused Rogers’ flanker brands, Chatr and Fido, to go offline. The situation isn’t surprising given the networks are run by Rogers.

Emergency services

Rogers customers are also having difficulty contacting 9-1-1. In Toronto, for example, Toronto Police say the network is “fully operational” and the fault lies with the Rogers outage.

Guelph Police Services also noted its non-emergency phone lines were impacted by the outage.


Some internet service providers (ISPs) buy services from larger carriers at wholesale, and companies that do business with Rogers are warning customers their network will be impacted. TekSavvy, for example, said internet and wireless users are impacted, along with phone lines at their contact centre. A map published by the company shows the outage is impacting customers in Ontario and Quebec.

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC)

The government watchdog says its phone lines are down but its website is still online.

Canadian Blood Services

If you were planning on donating blood or plasma today or looking to book an appointment with the Canadian Blood Services, you can’t do it over their website or app. The organization is asking people to call them for assistance.

Service Canada

To make securing a passport at this time even worse, Service Canada says the outage is impacting some of its passport offices. It’s unclear if it’ll make the wait to secure a passport even longer.


The Canada Border Service Agency says some travellers won’t be able to complete submissions on ArriveCAN due to the outage. Impacted travellers will have to fill out the Traveller Contact Information Form before they arrive at the border.

CRA accounts

Canada’s Revenue Agency tweeted that users with multi-factor authentication set up on Rogers’ network will have trouble getting into their accounts. They’re asking impacted users to not request the one-time passcode to log in multiple times to avoid being locked out.

Updated 08/07/2022 12:10pm ET: The article has been updated to clarify Interac services are impacted at stores that use Rogers’ services for their point of sale systems.

Updated 08/07/2022 1:23pm ET: The article has been updated with information from the Canada Border Service Agency.

Updated 08/07/2022 3:50pm ET: The article has been updated with information from the Canada Revenue Agency.

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