Chris Evans retires his iPhone 6s, says he’ll miss the Home Button

Like Captain America, Evans’ use of the iPhone 6s has him pegged as the ‘Man Out of Time’

After many, many years, actor Chris Evans is retiring his iPhone 6s. The notable actor, who portrayed Marvel’s Captain America, the WW2 soldier out of time, is saying goodbye to his seven-year-old phone.

On Instagram, Evans wrote that he and his faithful iPhone 6s “had a good run.” Evans continued to reminisce about his time spent with the phone over the years. Part of the transition process from the old iPhone 6s to the new iPhone 13 was giving up the Home Button.

As the humorous, yet slightly poetic post continues, Evans says he won’t miss the struggles of maintaining the phone’s battery life or taking “grainy pictures” on the 12-megapixel camera of the iPhone 6s. “It was a wild ride,” Evans concludes.

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Evans, whose latest film was Pixar’s Lightyear, received a resounding number of supportive comments about his iPhone 6s. Celebrities and friends came to congratulate the actor for stepping into 2022 with both feet. The Hidden Figures alum Octavia Spencer wrote: “OMG! I just gave up my home button last week. Transitioning to the 13 has been easier than I thought. So…. #IFeelYouBuddy.” Kate Beckinsale, Bryan Greenberg, and Yvette Nicole Brown also all chimed in as well.

Some fans also jumped in to speak their mind. One user wrote “We about to get selfies in 4K… I’m gonna start panicking.”

Evans’ determined use of the iPhone 6s became a bit of an internet meme over the years. He’s been spotted on set and in public, championing the use of the iPhone 6s. All good things must come to an end, however.

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