Microsoft Edge now the second most popular desktop browser, overtaking Safari

Safari has been overtaken by Microsoft Edge as the second most popular browser

Microsoft Edge is slowly climbing the ladder and has now stolen the second-place spot of the most popular desktop browser from Safari. What used to belong to Apple, now belongs to Microsoft as it inched its way past in market share.

According to data shared by Statcounter, Microsoft Edge saw a bit of a bump in usage since March 2021. Safari has now been dethroned as Microsoft Edge has 10.07 percent of the market share. Safari is not trailing too far behind in third with 9.61 percent. However, both wildly pale in comparison to Google Chrome with more than 66 percent of the user base.

Firefox and “Other” browsers fall short of the top three spots on the list. Firefox has roughly 7.8 percent of the market share, “Other” encompasses roughly 2.5 percent. Rounding out the list at the bottom is Opera with 2.44 percent.

There’s a fair bit to glean from this information. Microsoft has larger mindshare when it comes to desktops and the like over Apple. This likely translates to more users jumping to Microsoft Edge. Additionally, one can speculate whether or not Mac users are prioritizing time on Microsoft Edge over Safari as well.

Another factor potentially playing into the shift could be Apple’s new design of Safari. Late last year, Safari received a fairly substantial coat of paint. It adds the top bar’s colour-changing feature, smaller tabs, and more. This was then met with critical user feedback. These changes could have been a catalyst for users to migrate over to Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

Image credit: Statcounter

Source: Statcounter Via: 9to5Mac

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