Raven Connected changes the video telematics game

The company caters the service towards small and medium sized business, which was previously only available to larger fleets

Ottawa-based technology company Raven Connected is working with Telus to bring next-generation safety to roads across the country.

The collaboration focuses on vehicle connectivity through video telematics. The concept incorporates cameras and analytics for fleet tracking purposes. Companies use this for a variety of reasons, including safety and to collect evidence for any collisions.

Raven Connected is changing the game by making this technology available to smaller businesses with its Raven vehicle tracking solution. Video telematics was previously only accessible by larger fleets.

The product is integrated with Telus’ network. It offers real-time vehicle monitoring, a dual camera, and a Wi-Fi hotspot.

“Working with Raven brings a new wave of connectivity to vehicles,” Marshall Berkin, vice-president of industry solutions, said.

“While the first product offering will help empower small and medium businesses, the applications we can see for this association are vast and industry disruptive.”

Image credit: Raven Connected

Source: Raven Connected

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