Bell’s pure fibre internet is now three times faster than cable

Only Bell customers in parts of Toronto can access the new speeds

Bell’s pure fibre internet service now has download and upload speeds of 3Gbps, providing the fastest internet speeds among major providers in Canada, the company claims.

Bell says the new speeds are three times faster than cable in a press release detailing the announcement. But the service is only available in “most areas of Toronto.” Bell says it will make the services available to other regions “soon.”

The pure fibre package comes with Home Hub 4000 with Wi-Fi 6. As the newest Wi-Fi technology available, it allows six people to simultaneously use their devices with no impact on speed or performance.

The move comes as Bell increased costs for mobile customers.

Last month the company increased mobile customers’ bills by $3/month. It also recently increased its $90/ month 45GB mobile plan by $5.

Source: Bell

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