Rogers 100GB $175/month wireless plan [Update]

The plan was not labelled as a limited time offer

Rogers has removed the most expensive wireless plan option from its website.

The plan, priced at $175/month, offered 5G network access, unlimited data with 100GB of high-speed shareable speeds, and unlimited calling, texting and data in Canada and the U.S.

Perks included $20/month in savings for additional lines, six months of free Disney+ access, and an option to get a free tablet or watch plan when financing a tablet or Apple Watch.

Image credit: Rogers/screenshot

It’s unclear why Rogers removed the plan as it didn’t label it a limited-time offer.

The company’s plans labelled as limited-time offers, including 45GB for $90/month and 50 GB for $95/month, are currently active.

The only plan not offered as a promotion still available on the website is the 40GB plan for $85/month.

Updated 30/03/2022 9:43am EST: A change in format made it appear the $175/month plan was removed from the website. That was not the case and the plan was active at the time of writing. MobileSyrup apologizes for any confusion this may have caused.

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