Samsung shareholders receive rare apologies on throttling apps, poor chip yields

Executives apologized at the annual shareholders' meeting

Samsung has apologized to shareholders about recent problems surrounding the company.

According to DigiTimes, JH Ha, Samsung’s device experience division CEO, “bowed in apology” to shareholders at a March 16th meeting about the Game Optimization Service (GOS) problems on the Galaxy S22 series.

GOS software turns on when users play a game, adjusting performance to make the device’s battery last longer and prevent overheating. But many have complained GOS makes the experience worse. 

Customers have launched numerous complaints on the GOS. One of them includes GOS turning on when users use apps that aren’t games. The company previously denied GOS activates for anything other than games.

DigiTimes reports Han apologized for not understanding customer concerns on the app.

A second concern addressed by executives was problems with the sub-5nm process yield rates.

Kyehyun Kyung, CEO of the devices solutions division, said Samsung is working on improving process yield rates but said creating chips in a foundry is complex and takes time.

DigiTimes reports Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 has only a 35 percent yield. The chip functions in various products, including the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+.

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Source: DigiTimes

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