Popular console modder creates functional portable GameCube

Nintendo still isn't offering GameCube titles on the Switch, so for now, fan-made projects are all we've got

Super Mario Sunshine

A well-known console modder has produced a functional portable GameCube.

The creation comes from YouTuber GingerOfOz, who has also made a portable PS2 and Wii. To make the portable GameCube, Ginger got feedback from “Demond,” the person who created the mock-up of the rumoured ‘GameCube Advance’ handheld that ended up being fake.

From there, Ginger had to painstakingly attempt to design the console using that single 2005-era render. In a nearly 20-minute video, he breaks down his efforts, which include using a Wii motherboard and adding unique GameCube software.

You can see his results below:

Ginger’s full lineup of videos can be found here.

Via: The Verge

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