TekSavvy offering $20/mo credit on fibre internet plans in Chatham-Kent, Ontario

TekSavvy offers the deal on its 'Fibre 1000' and 'Fibre 500' internet plans

TekSavvy is offering a $20/month bill credit for customers that sign up with the internet service provider’s (ISP) fibre plans.

The Chatham, Ontario-based ISP will apply the bill credit for 12 months on select fibre plans. According to the fine print on the TekSavvy website, the offer is available to new and existing TekSavvy customers “who upgrade to a Fibre 1000 Unlimited or Fibre 500 Unlimited subscription by February 28th, 2022 at 11:59pm EST in select regions of Chatham-Kent, Ontario.”

Further, TekSavvy says those plans typically cost $94.95/mo and $74.95/mo respectively.

While limited in scope, if you’re in the Chatham-Kent region and looking for a discounted internet service, this is a pretty decent deal. $20/mo over 12 months totals up to $240 in savings. Plus, depending on your current ISP, you might save even more by switching to TekSavvy.

You can learn more about the offer here.

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