One-of-a-kind USB-C iPhone X sells for over $100,000

The project is open-sourced on Github, so, in theory, you too can mod your iPhone and sell it for this much money

Remember the world’s first USB-C iPhone? The one that was listed on eBay not too long ago? Well, the modded 64GB iPhone X went through a bidding war and has finally sold for an insane marked-up price of $86,001 (about $108,240.43 CAD).

The modded device, designed by robotics engineering student Ken Pillonel, can utilize the new port for charging and transferring data. However, Pillonel warns that whoever buys the USB-C iPhone can’t “restore, update or erase” the device and that they must confirm they won’t open it or use it as a daily-use smartphone.

Further, Pillonel has open-sourced his project on Github and has uploaded a new YouTube video, walking you through the modding process.

The open-source initiative will help others expand on Pillonel’s efforts, whether by creating unique USB-C iPhone X versions or applying the same concept to other iPhones models. It’s worth noting that even with the walkthrough video and the project being available on Github, the process isn’t easy and requires a certain level of expertise.

Now that the modded one-of-a-kind iPhone X has been sold, Pillonel intends to improve the USB-C iPhone design in the future, with ambitions to support faster charging, waterproofing and possibly compatibility with USB-C accessories.

Source: eBay

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