LG unveils TV that comes in at 335 inches and costs over $2 million CAD

Who needs a movie theatre?


If you’re looking to upgrade your home theatre setup in this COVID-19 world we now live in, LG’s got quite the high-end option for you.

The South Korean tech giant has revealed a new lineup of Direct View LED (DVLED) home cinema displays, and the most expensive one comes in at $1.7 million USD (about $2.14 million CAD).

The reason it’s got such an eye-watering price tag is that it features a 325-inch, 2,000-pound (about 907kg), 8K resolution LED display. LEDs offer better contrast levels than OLEDs but are more difficult to miniaturize and fit across big screens — hence, the DVLED TV costing upwards of $2 million CAD.

Therefore, this obviously isn’t a feasible option for most people.

However, as noted by CNET, the DVLED display is essentially a replacement for a large, high-end projector — more expensive, sure, but ultimately better performing. With that in mind, venues and other businesses might make good use of it.


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