iPhone manufacturing less affected by chipset shortages: report

Retailers report low in-store stock of some Android devices due to manufacturing delays

While Android smartphone manufacturers continue to deal with supply issues and lack of stock due to worldwide chipset shortages, Apple’s iPhone remains abundant, according to a new report from Wave7 Research.

The report, which surveyed U.S. mobile phone retailers, describes an uneven marketplace where Android devices — especially low-cost Samsung and OnePlus options — are often out of stock due to manufacturing issues caused by a global scarcity of chipsets.

According to PCMag, the Wave7 report learned through inside sources that Apple was able to “lock down chipset supply well ahead of time,” gaining an edge on the competition. This news comes in contrast to rumours from the end of 2020, when Apple reportedly faced a shortage of power chips that put into jeopardy its ability to meet the holiday demand for iPhones.

Stories of chipset shortages and other component scarcities continue to plague the tech industry as a whole.

The PC market is taking a hit, with reports noting early signs of growth stagnation due to high demand and low supply of chipsets.

Meanwhile, a lack of semiconductors — a key material used in the production of computer components and electronic chips — has Nintendo preemptively warning fans of potential future Switch shortages, and caused a major supply issue for Sony that left gamers scrambling to find PS5s in stock since the console’s release in November 2020.

Source: PCMag

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