Apple has reportedly considered developing a healthcare service

Although plans for the healthcare service have been stalled over the years, Apple is still working on them

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Apple has reportedly considered launching its own primary and subscription-based healthcare service, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The tech giant envisioned having its own primary care medical service with Apple-employed doctors at its own clinics.

Apple was considering the service in 2016 but plans for the idea were stalled as the company shifted the focus of its health unit to selling the Apple Watch. The tech giant was trying to figure out the data collected by the watches could be used to improve users’ healthcare.

Apple then decided to create a service that would link “data generated by Apple devices with virtual and in-person care provided by Apple doctors.”

The Wall Street Journal reports that Apple took over a clinic near its headquarters to test the possible service with its own employees.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has said the company’s greatest contribution will be to health. Although plans for Apple’s healthcare service have been stalled over the years, the tech giant is reportedly still working on it.

Source: Wall Street Journal 

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