Xbox All Access pre-orders are now available at EB Games Canada

EB Games is the exclusive Canadian provider of the Xbox console financing program

EB Games Canada is now taking pre-orders for the Xbox All Access financing program on its website.

You can pre-order the Xbox Series X here ($39.99 CAD/month) and the Xbox Series S here ($29.99/month).

Note that there’s a line system, so you might not see them right away. Additionally, keep in mind that pre-orders aren’t yet available in Quebec, with EB Games saying they’ll be “available soon.”

During the checkout process, you’ll sign up for a ‘PayPlan’ from RBC, meaning payments will be spread out across a 24-month period at 0 percent APR. There are no upfront fees.

EB Games Canada is the exclusive Canadian provider of Xbox All Access. So far, the retailer hasn’t mentioned whether All Access pre-orders can be done in-store, so you might want to just try to get one online for now.

The Xbox Series X will cost $599 outright, while the Xbox Series S will be priced at $379 outright. Both consoles release on November 10th.

For context, paying $39.99/month for the Xbox Series X would work out to $959.76 before taxes when all is said and done. Meanwhile, $29.99 for 24 months for the Series S adds up to $719.76. However, while you’ll technically end up paying a fair bit more for the consoles in the long run through All Access, the financing program does include 24 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

The $16.99/month service includes unlimited access to a catalogue of more than 100 games on console, PC and Android. Game Pass Ultimate on its own for 24 months would cost $407.76 (excluding taxes), meaning that you do ultimately get more value in the long-term with All Access.

Paying for the Xbox Series X outright and Game Pass Ultimate on its own for 24 months comes up to $1,007.75 before taxes (compared to $959.76 pre-taxes with All Access), while doing the same for the Xbox Series S would cost you $787.75 before taxes (compared to $719.76 pre-taxes with All Access).

We’ll have more on the Xbox Series X and S in the coming weeks. For now, check out our early impressions of the Series X here.

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