Tesla Model Y speed boost package now available in Canada

At $2,700 CAD, it's not cheap

If you have a Tesla Model Y and it’s not fast enough, you’re in luck. Tesla has finally brought the ‘Acceleration boost’ add-on from the Model 3 to the Model Y in Canada.

Drivers will need to make sure they’re on Tesla software version 2020.36 to get the increased speed option.

The increase costs a pretty pricy $2,700 CAD, which people can install on their car from the Tesla app or their online Tesla accounts.

Once people buy the upgrade, they can look forward to a new faster 0-100km/h time of 4.5 seconds. Without the update, it takes the Model Y roughly five seconds to reach that speed. Of course, that speed is dependent on other factors like which trim of the car you own. Overall, Tesla says this should bring a 10 percent increase in speed.

The digital add-on can’t be returned after drivers test it out for 48-hours after the time of purchase.

Source: Tesla North

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