Rogers for Business launches solution to monitor assets in real-time

It's partnering with an on-demand logistics visibility company called Roambee to launch the solution

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Rogers for Business has partnered with Roambee, an on-demand logistics visibility company, to launch real-time monitoring for shipments and assets.

“With COVID-19 continuing to have an impact on the shipment of goods across borders, Roambee’s solution allows businesses to have more visibility of their goods and assets and control over their supply chain,” Rogers outlined in a press release.

The carrier outlines that this collaboration allows businesses to take advantage of IoT (Internet of Things) technologies for smarter supply chain operations.

“Working with Roambee, Rogers for Business is giving businesses more control of their assets through real-time insights, to help them proactively address issues, whether it is with their shipment and condition of goods, or to better manage their assets by tracking usage and operational efficiency,” said Dean Provost, the president of Rogers for Business, in the press release.

Roambee’s solution provides businesses with insights into their supply chain with the ability to track goods in real-time and monitor cold chain requirements.

It also enables businesses to detect security breaches and recover stolen goods. Businesses will also be able to monitor inventory levels to eliminate shortages and excess goods.

Source: Rogers

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