Xbox finally confirms new Fable game from Forza studio Playground

It's been a long time coming

After years of speculation, Xbox has officially announced a new entry in its Fable role-playing game series.

As was previously rumoured, the new Fable is being developed by English studio Playground Games, the team behind Xbox’s Forza Horizon racing franchise. Microsoft acquired the studio back in 2018.

Few details were revealed about the game in its short CG teaser trailer. In a press release, Xbox simply says the game marks “a new beginning for the legendary franchise” and will let players “explore a land of fantastical creatures and wondrous places.”

Fable is in development for Xbox Series X and Windows 10 PCs but does not yet have a release date.

Additionally, Microsoft didn’t actually mention an Xbox One version, which is notable since the company’s current mandate is to develop first-party games for both current- and next-gen Xbox consoles for the next couple of years. Therefore, this could indicate that Fable is a ways off and might even kickstart Microsoft’s shift towards releasing first-party games only on theXbox Series X and PC.

In any case, what we do know for now is that Fable will come to Xbox Game Pass at launch, just like every other first-party Xbox title.

A new Fable has been a long time coming. The last major entry in the series was set to be Fable Legends, a free-to-play ‘game as a service’ with a heavy emphasis on multiplayer. However, the game was cancelled in March 2016 and longtime Fable developer Lionhead was shut down.

A free-to-play digital card game called Fable Fortune released in February 2018, although that was a stark departure from the series’ action-RPG roots. Fortune was discontinued in March 2020.

Over the years, rumours of a new mainline Fable have continued to circulate, with Eurogamer reporting in January 2018 that Microsoft was planning the franchise’s next iteration. Last year, Playground Games also began hiring for a “AAA open-world RPG,” fuelling speculation that this was a new Fable.

Ultimately, Fable fans can rest assured that a new game is indeed coming, although it remains to be seen how long they’ll have to wait for it.

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