Google Meet to roll out more security controls for meeting hosts

Hosts will be able to control who can participate in the chat and share their screen

Google Meet is getting a slew of new security enhancements to help hosts have more control over who can join a meeting and use certain functions.

Google is rolling out knocking controls to help hosts monitor participants. External users who don’t have an account on the host’s domain will have to “knock” before being able to join a meeting.

If a user’s knocking request has been denied by the host several times, then the user is going to be blocked from sending more requests. Once an attendee has been ejected from a meeting, they won’t be able to attempt to join the same meeting again by knocking, unless the host reinvites them.

Further, hosts will also have the ability to decide which attendees can chat or present during the meeting. They can also require participants to join the meeting by phone, calendar invite etc.

These new features are rolling out to G Suite for Education customers first, and are expected to be available for consumers in the “coming weeks.”

The tech giant notes that the focus with Google Meet is ensuring that “video collaboration is secure.”

Source: Google

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