Toronto resident turns high-rise into giant projector screen for video games

People are doing whatever it takes to stay busy

As people find new ways to deal with being cooped up, one Toronto resident has started projecting retro video games onto the building next door.

The two apartment buildings are located near 100 High Park Ave, according to BlogTOIt seems like the actual game streamer is Reddit user ‘u/CutieGremlin‘ since they posted a video of someone playing Mario Kart.

Other people who live in the building seem to be enjoying the entertainment and are sharing pictures of the various games they’ve been playing on Reddit. Over three days, people have posted gameplay of Mario Kart Double Dash, Aladdin and Bubble Bobble.

So far, no one seems to be complaining about the late-night video game session, and CutieGremlin has offered controllers to other people in the building so they can play together. Overall, everyone seems very civil about the whole thing.

There’s even talk on Reddit of using the projector to play movies if people can figure out a way to get audio into their apartments.

Source: Reddit (u/CutieGremlin), BlogTO

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