Uber and Lyft approved to operate in British Columbia’s Lower Mainland, Whistler

The companies are required to ensure compliance with local by-laws

Uber and Lyft apps

The Passenger Transportation Board in British Columbia has approved Uber and Lyft to operate in the Lower Mainland region and Whistler.

This news comes after a lengthy process of approvals to get the rideshare companies into the province.

“The decisions were made after a careful review of the extensive materials received during the application process which included supporting information provided by the applicants and submissions from interested members of the public and stakeholders,” the board wrote in a press release.

After the companies receive their licenses, they have to secure appropriate vehicle insurance and are required to work with municipalities in their areas to ensure compliance with local by-laws.

Interestingly, the board declined to approve the applications of rideshare services ReRyde Technologies and Kater Technologies.

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