FoodHero app expands to five Montreal Metros, helps cut down food waste

The app offers access to unsold produce at up to 60 percent markdown instead of letting it go to landfills

FoodHero website

Startup FoodHero, which offers a free smartphone app that helps combat food waste by giving consumers access to unsold groceries that are still fresh and good to eat, is launching a pilot project at five Montreal Metro locations.

In a press release from FoodHero, the startup said it took 18 months to develop the anti-food waste app. The FoodHero app lets Quebecors save up to 60 percent on unsold grocery products that are still good to eat. It also helps grocers move these products and avoid the economic and environmental costs — measured in terms of CO2 emissions — incurred by transporting unsold goods to landfills.

The five Metro locations in the pilot are listed below:

  • Metro Morgan
  • Metro Plus Dorion Sainte-Catherine
  • Metro Plus Domaine
  • Metro Plus de la Montagne
  • Metro Plus Anjou

FoodHero says the app has reached 200,000 downloads within the past few weeks. Since the program started last May, it has helped avoid over seven tons of CO2 emissions.

Using FoodHero is simple — shoppers pick the nearest participating grocery store, fill their in-app shopping cart as desired and pick up their order when convenient during that store’s business hours. The app features unsold products that are still good to eat at prices marked down by 25 to 60 percent, with new deals on fish, meat, fruits and veggies, dairy products, eggs and more added daily.

Plus, the app lets grocers and customers track their impact on food waste reduction in real-time, measured in kilograms of food and avoided CO2 emissions. It also shows users how much money they’ve saved, estimating that shoppers can save up to $1,500 per year.

Those interested in trying out FoodHero can download the app for free from the App Store or from the Play Store.

Source: FoodHero

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