Canada ranks 24th worldwide for user experience with mobile voice apps

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Canada has ranked 24th worldwide for user experience with mobile voice apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Skype, according to a recent report from Opensignal.

Canada received a score of 79.2 out of a scale of 100, which falls into the ‘Acceptable’ experience category, according to the report.

The report found that Canadian users are satisfied with their voice app experience, but that some users experience problems with the quality of their call. They can experience clicking sounds or distortion during their calls through the voice apps. The volume of the call can also sometimes be a problem for users.

Canadian users are generally able to communicate with the person they are calling without repeating themselves, according to the report.

Belgium ranked the highest with a score of 82.6, which is considered “Good” experience. The report found that European countries dominate voice app user experiences.

Interestingly, not a single country ranked within the “Very Good” and Excellent” voice app user experiences categories.

Opensignal conducted the report by receiving individual measurements every day from millions of phones worldwide. Opensignal says it receives these measurements at all hours of the day from cities and countrysides. They are then used to analyze users’ experiences with mobile network services.

Source: Opensignal 

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