Fitbit starts rolling out redesigned app on iOS and Android

Fitbit Versa

Fitbit has started rolling out a redesigned version of its mobile app on iOS and Android.

The company first teased that it was working on a refresh of its fitness tracking app when it announced the Inspire, Inspire HR and Versa Lite earlier this year. Unfortunately, those hoping for a new experience will be disapponted; what’s here represents a minor refresh of the company’s previous app.

In short, what Fitbit has done is consolidate its interface. Instead of five tabs, the updated app now features three: Discover, Today and Community.

The Today tab houses the redesigned dashboard. This is where users can see all their daily and weekly stats.

The Discover tab, meanwhile, provides advanced insights into your health stats. It also surfaces some of Fitbit’s tertiary features, including Fitbit Coach and Challenges.

Lastly, there’s the Community Tab, which, as before, is where users can see how they’re in comparison to their friends.

A visit to the Play Store reveals the updated app is buggy for some Android users.

Let us know if the app is causing you any issues, as well as if you like the redesign.

Via: Android Police

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