Upcoming ‘Flapjack’ Chrome OS tablet to include Qi wireless charging

This makes the upcoming Flapjack tablet the first Chrome OS device to support Qi wireless charging

The upcoming Chrome OS tablet codenamed ‘Flapjack’ will include Qi wireless charging, a first for a Chrome OS device.

Chrome Unboxed first spotted the feature in a code change posted to Chromium Gerrit earlier this month that pointed to the tablet having a Qi-compatible wireless charging chip.

Additionally, Chrome Unboxed uncovered a specs sheet noting that the tablet is capable of receiving a 15W charge. As noted by 9to5Google, this works out to about 50 percent more charging capability than what Google’s Pixel Stand offers to its Pixel 3 smartphone.

It’s unclear when the Flapjack tablet will release or if other Chrome OS devices will receive Qi charging support in the future. That said, reports suggest some of the specs that the Flapjack will end up sporting, such as an octa-core MediaTek MT8183 processor, 1920×1200 resolution and feature a Wacom stylus.

Via: 9to5Google

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