Canadian government invests $300,000 in P.E.I’s electric vehicle fast chargers

Level 3 charging stations, which is the fastest way to charge an electric vehicle, will be built across P.E.I.


The Canadian government will invest $300,000 to build level 3 electric vehicle (EV) fast chargers in Prince Edward Island’s, the provincial government of PEI and federal government announced on Monday.

The province will build six level 3 chargers as part of the investment. The chargers, the first of their kind in P.E.I, are set to start operating later this year.

“The construction of our island’s first level 3 electric vehicle chargers is bringing cleaner transportation options to P.E.I.,” said Sean Casey, Charlottetown MP. “Our government will continue to work with municipal and provincial governments to support green infrastructure projects to encourage widespread adoption.”

The $300,000 is part of a larger $182.5 million investment to build out electric vehicle charging infrastructure across Canada.

For those unfamiliar with level 3 chargers (also known as DCFC), it is currently the fastest method to quick-charge EVs, taking up to 20 minutes to an hour to recharge an empty battery.

However, it’s important to note that some EVs do not support DCFC. Level 3 chargers will also not quick-charge your vehicle if it’s over 80 percent.

Petro-Canada plans to build 50 EV charging stations across Canada.

Source: Natural Resources Canada

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