Google Pay gets support for Brim Financial Mastercards in Canada

Unfortunately there's still no support for RBC, TD and some other major banks

Google is working to expand support for its mobile payments system, Google Pay, and recently added a new Canadian financial institution.

Brim Financial Mastercards are now supported by Google Pay, including the Brim Mastercard, Brim World Mastercard and the Brim World Elite Mastercard.

The addition of Brim Financial came alongside a large rollout of support for banks across several other countries, including the U.K., Italy, Spain, Australia, Russia, Brazil, Ukraine and Poland.

While this expanded support is certainly welcome, Google Pay still has some notable gaps in Canada. Capital One, RBC and TD don’t support Google Pay with their cards, for example.

Hopefully Google can get more banks on board soon, and further expand support for Google Pay in Canada. The search giant recently added support for Tangerine cards to the service.

You can see which banks and cards Google Pay supports by checking out the company’s list here.

Source: Google Via: Android Police

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