OnePlus asks fans to design new OxygenOS feature with #PMChallenge contest

In addition to seeing their feature implemented in OxygenOS, the winner will get the next OnePlus smartphone

OnePlus 6T

One lucky (and design savvy) OnePlus fan could soon see one of their ideas make its way into the company’s next smartphone.

On Monday, OnePlus announced a new initiative called the Product Manager Challenge. #PMChallenge for short, the contest invites OnePlus fans to pitch a new OxygenOS feature. What’s interesting here is that the process OnePlus is asking fans go through in pitching their ideas looks rigorous enough that we’ll actually see a useful feature come out of it.

To take part in the challenge, visit the tech section of the official OnePlus community forum and write about your feature before February 22nd.

OnePlus details all the considerations it wants potential entries to consider on its website. In short, however, all entries should consider the user value of the proposed feature. In addition, if the new feature replicates one that already exists on another smartphone, entrants must explain how their feature is superior.

Additionally, OnePlus asks that entrants explain the logic behind their new feature or function, as well as provide diagrams that sketch it out.

OnePlus will announce the winner of the contest by mid-March once its team of senior software engineers and designers has had a chance to judge the field.

The winner of the contest will not only see their feature added to OxygenOS, they’ll also earn a flight to the next OnePlus launch event. Last but not least, they’ll get their hands on the next OnePlus flagship.

Source: OnePlus

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