Apple’s iOS 12.2 developer beta 2 features new giraffe, shark, owl and warthog Animoji

iPhone X animoji

If Animoji are your thing, you’ll be pleased to learn that Apple’s iOS 12.2 developer beta 2 includes four new animated animals: a giraffe, shark, owl and warthog.

Animoji are only compatible with iPhones that feature Face ID, a relatively short list that includes the iPhone XiPhone XS, Phone XS Max and iPhone XR. Further, the iPad Pro (2018) also feature Animoji compatibility. The addition of these four new creatures brings the total Animoji up to 25 characters, including Apple’s custom Memoji.

Each Animoji features specific characteristics, with the giraffe’s brows and ears moving when you raise your eyebrows, while smiling reveals the shark’s teeth.

These Animoji will almost certainly be included in the next iOS 12.2 public beta that’s likely set to be released later this week.

9to5Mac’s various photos of the new Animoji can be found below:


Image credit: 9to5Mac

Source: 9to5Mac