Canadian carriers launch video series for customers with visual and hearing impairments

The videos are available on the Canadian Wireless Telecoms Association's website

Canada wireless accessibility

Canadian carriers have launched a free new video series to better support Deaf, Deaf-Blind and Hard of Hearing (DDBHH) wireless customers.

The videos aim to explain common wireless service terminology through both American Sign Language (ASL) and Quebec Sign Language (LSQ).

DDBHH customers can visit the Canadian Wireless Telecommunication Association’s (CWAT) website to find videos on the following subjects:

  • Wireless Terminology – Contract and Billing – Getting Started
  • Wireless Terminology – Contract and Billing – Financial Obligations
  • Wireless Terminology – Contract and Billing – Important Info
  • Wireless Terminology – Plan Types and Add-ons
  • Wireless Terminology – Features and Services
  • Wireless Terminology – Coverage and Network
  • Wireless Terminology – Devices and Technical Support

“Canada’s wireless telecommunications industry is committed to improving and enhancing usability for all Canadians,” said CWTA President and CEO Robert Ghiz in a press statement. “This new ASL and LSQ video series is just the latest way we are ensuring that wireless services are accessible, in a clear and consistent manner across all wireless service providers.”

“As an accessibility group that advocates for enhanced accessibility of wireless telecommunications information in Canada, we are thrilled to see the release of ASL and LSQ videos of common wireless terminology,” added Lisa Anderson-Kellett, chairperson of the Deaf Wireless Committee of Canada. “This is critical for Deaf, Deaf-Blind and Hard of hearing Canadian customers to clearly understand the wireless services that are being purchased from the companies.”

Source: Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association

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