Sony and 7-Eleven partner on Canada-wide Ghostbusters World event

Each Canadian 7-Eleven location is now a Dimensional Door to offer players special rewards for visiting

Ghostbusters World header

Sony Pictures Consumer Products, Ghost Corp has announced a partnership with 7-Eleven on an in-game Ghostbusters World event across Canada.

Now, each 7-Eleven location in Canada will be transformed into a Dimensional Door in the augmented reality-based ghost-catching mobile game. These Doors act similarly to Pokémon Go‘s PokeStops and use real-world landmarks to create in-game locations with special rewards.

In the case of Ghostbusters World, these Doors will give players traps, weapons and other resources that they can use to capture ghosts. The 7-Eleven Doors will also feature an increased spawn rate for the Goast, Ghost Buffalo and Sandman ghosts. 7-Eleven says it has more than 630 locations across Canada.

This marks the first co-branded event for Ghostbusters World since the game launched last October. In a press statement, Hyunseok Suh, CEO of Ghostbusters World developer NextAge, said the company  is looking forward to “expanding on the [7-Eleven] relationship in the future.”

Ghostbusters World can be downloaded for free on Android and iOS.

Source: 7-Eleven Canada