Chrome for Android may get gesture navigation to go back to past sites

A simple swipe may be all you need to go forward or backward on the web

Google Chrome

Google Chrome on Android might borrow a popular iPhone feature that lets users go back with a swipe.

The new gesture navigation system showed up in a Chromium Gerrit post. The Gerrit is an online collaboration tool used by developers to upload and merge new code into a project.

This particular upload was rather explicit, stating the addition of a new Chrome flag to enable gesture navigation. Flags allow advanced users to enable and disable certain Chrome features, which is useful for testing new things.

In this case, the gesture navigation flag would enable a horizontal swipe gesture to navigate forward and back.

Additionally, a post on the Chromium bug tracker includes a mockup video of the new swipe gesture in action.


However, the feature is likely still in development at this time. But if the development team is considering adding a flag, it may not be long before gesture navigation come to a Canary build of Chrome for Android.

Source: Chromium Gerrit, Chromium Bug Tracker Via: Android Police, Chrome Story

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