Reddit users get Night Sight working on Nexus 6P using modded camera

The feature works, but the viewfinder doesn't

Nexus 6P

Google’s crazy Night Sight Pixel 3 feature works magic when taking photos in the dark. Now, some enterprising Reddit users have figured out a way to get the feature working on the Nexus 6P.

Redditor ‘nickritikos’ loaded a modded Pixel 3 camera APK onto his 6P running Android 8.1. Incredibly, the APK worked, and the Redditor was able to take some Night Sight photos.

However, it wasn’t a perfect experience, as nickritikos noted that the viewfinder didn’t work.

If you want to test out the Night Sight feature on an older device, you can grab the modded APK used by the Redditor from a Google Drive link shared on his post here. It should install alongside your device’s regular camera.

Along with the Nexus 6P, some users tested it on the first generation Pixel and on the Pixel 2 and 2 XL with success as well.

These devices join a growing list of phones with unofficial access to the Night Sight feature, including the Essential Phone and Xiaomi Mi 5.

Source: Reddit

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