‘Night Sight’ feature ported to Essential Phone, Xiaomi Mi 5

The feature isn't as capable as it is on the Pixel 3, but it still works well

Essential Phone

The Pixel 3’s incredible Night Sight feature is unofficially coming to more phones.

Thanks to the hard work of XDA forum member ‘Arnova8G2,’ you can download the Google Camera APK to the Xiaomi Mi 5 and the Essential Phone. Arnova8G2 managed to both port over the app and bring its great Night Sight functionality as well.

Night Sight will work on both devices. However, the feature, reportedly, doesn’t result in images that are quite as good as the Pixel 3’s.

Further, other parts of the app don’t function. Burst mode, for example, is broken. Lens blur on the front-facing camera doesn’t work either. Otherwise, everything works as intended.

Arnova8G2 is allegedly working on porting the feature to the OnePlus 6 and possibly the 6T as well.

Ultimately, if you don’t count a few broken features, the port is a great way to play around with the Night Sight feature without forking out the cash for the Pixel 3 or 3 XL.

It’s also exciting to see the feature come to and work effectively on other devices.

You can download the APK from the XDA forum here.

If you have the Pixel 2 or 2 XL, you can also get the Night Sight feature via another APK.

Source: XDA Via: Android Authority