Multi-device support for Google Duo is now rolling out

Image of Google Duo app icon

Google’s Duo app, the company’s answer to FaceTime, is now beginning to rollout multi-device support via a server-side update.

When the update finally hits your device, opening the app displays a pop-up window that explains that Duo is now available on other devices if you sign into the same Google account. After agreeing to the pop up, pick up another device and download Duo. If you have already signed into that same account, Duo will skip the sign up page and allow you to confirm that you’re using the app on two separate devices.

That’s right, there’s no longer a need to download Duo via APK for tablets — Chromebooks, however, are still left out of the picture.

Even though multi-device support uses Gmail accounts, users are still required to sign up with their phone number. Email accounts are only there for multiple account purposes, while phone numbers seem to be the way Google identifies each user.

This means whoever you want to call with Duo, you’ll still need their phone number, similar to WhatsApp.

This server-side update will be hitting tablets and smartphones with version 36.1 of the app, which is available on the Play Store. Two devices in the MobileSyrup office received the update.

Similar to Messages for Web, it won’t hit everyone at the same time, so patience is key.

Since it’s a server side update, it should launch for all users, however, we’ve reached out to Google Canada for verification.

Source: Android Police

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