Google and DeepMind don’t seem to be getting along

Employees are upset about DeepMind's 'special status' at Alphabet

Google HQ

It’s beginning to seem like employees at Google are not happy with the company’s neural networking subsidiary DeepMind.

A recent report from The Information indicates some Google developers who are part of other AI research divisions at the company, such as Google Brain, are not happy that Deep Mind doesn’t generate much revenue for the company.

Other staff members are upset that DeepMind has “special status” within Alphabet that allows it to work on projects that might not yield results for years.

Another interesting anecdote from the report is that DeepMind was supposed to develop a video recommendation system for YouTube, but that the company wasn’t able to complete the project.

Part of the reasoning for this is apparently that DeepMind had difficulty working with the time zone difference between London, England and YouTube’s offices in California. The company also feuded with the video company in relation to data sharing.

DeepMind is a very private company and according to the report it objected to a “powered by DeepMind” tag on some of the Google products it helped create.

Google purchased DeepMind in 2014 for a reported $600 million and is most well-known for creating the AlphaGo program that beat the world’s top player in the game of Go.

The company also has two international labs in Canada, with one being located in Edmonton and the most recent one opening up in Montreal.

Source: The Information

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