Samsung Galaxy A8+ available via Amazon and Walmart’s online marketplace

samsung galaxy a8

The Samsung Galaxy A8 only recently made its way to Canada.

The phone is available at Best Buy and through Samsung’s web store, as well as at many Canadian carriers. However, the 5.6-inch device isn’t all that Samsung has to offer in the 2018 midrange category. The company also released the 6-inch Galaxy A8+, but unfortunately, this larger midrange handset never made its way up North.

However, for those interested the Galaxy A8+ in Canada they can head to Walmart or Amazon Canada.

Note that these are not sold officially by either Walmart or Amazon. However, the shipment is fulfilled by Amazon if purchasing from JP Mobiles.

At Walmart and Amazon, the Galaxy A8+ is available in grey and gold for $679.95. Only $30 more than the Galaxy A8 at Samsung.

While both offer solid midrange specs, the A8+ is still better spec-wise than the A8. Other than the bigger display, the A8+ features a 3,500mAh battery compared the A8’s 3,000mAh battery. Further, the A8+features up to 6GB of RAM, while the A8 only has 4GB of RAM. Note, however, the versions with 6GB of RAM retail at $789 at Amazon Canada.

While many people still prefer to purchase their smartphones in Canada, according to our most recent poll, many others don’t mind purchasing their phones from e-commerce sites. So for those who are interested in the Galaxy A8+, you can purchase the device here from Walmart or here from Amazon.

Note that these devices likely do not come with Samsung’s official warranty.

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