Lenovo and Google reveal new standalone Daydream headset, the Mirage Solo


  • Smanny

    I really like Daydream. However $560 Canadian is too much in my opinion. You may as well but a Pixel 2 smartphone, and get a Daydream headset for that price. Sure it won’t have the room scale or the AR headset capabilities. But the Pixel 2’s still have AR in terms or ARCore and Daydream VR. Daydream also allows Steam VR games to be played now. Not to mention the tons of Cardboard apps as well.

    • thereasoner

      I sold my Gear VR recently when we sold the Galaxy S6, would you say that Daydream is better? I always thought that Samsung had the advantage in content what with their partnership with Oculus.

      If I end up with the Pixel 3 next year I’d be interested in getting a Daydream headset this time around.

    • Smanny

      There is exclusive apps for both. Gear VR started without a controller, and it’s only last year that Gear VR adopted their controller, which is very similar to Daydreams. I would have to say their is more content on Daydream that takes advantage of the 3 degrees of freedom controller. But there is more apps for Gear VR right now. Not by much. Both Daydream and Gear VR have grown in content. Plus they both support Steam VR now. You can’t go wrong with either if you are into VR. Plus you can also use the thousands of Cardboard VR apps as well. Not to mention all the sports are going VR. NHL, NBA, NFL, and more. Even the Olympics is going VR.

      If you get the Pixel 3 next year then I would definitely recommend getting a Daydream VR headset.