HTC’s Vive Pro features a higher-resolution display and built-in headphones


  • Alex

    i do like this… curious to how well he wireless thing will work, and the weight.

    the one thing that wasn’t mentioned, and was hoping to get a fix for, is the way it gets really sweaty after 15-30 mins of use, depending on ur activity. wonder if that gets fixed.. or improved.

    • Jason

      That’s all the foam, you can get other types of foam (albeit not quite as soft) that reduces the sweat, there are also masks you can buy that go over the foam and also reduce it

    • John Lofwire

      As its lighter its should help for that..

  • AJKahn

    I’m more interested with the resolution upgrade. However, I wonder how much taxing it would be on even a high end PC now that you’re bumping it up in excess of 70%.

    • Jason

      If you have a good enough PC it should be fine, I have an i7 6th gen and an Nvidia 1070 and I can run the Vive with full res at 90hz and I can play other games 4k at 60hz although the computer does get a bit warm doing that

    • John Lofwire

      Well its will be hard on a pc that could just run it at the older resolution.

      so unless your PC able to easily run 4k games at high to max setting this will not work well for you.

  • Jason

    I’m mixed on this, the higher res is great however people who have tired it said with the higher res comes a smaller sweet spot but if you can find that you will get a great picture.

    I’m really excited for the wireless adapter, I just hope it has a good battery.